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Friday, May 15, 2009

Who are we kidding?

It’s Friday, always a very happy day. I’m looking forward to the weekend, going to make some martini’s and watch the world go by. Not really, we are leaving for New Mexico and Kyle’s graduation a week from today so I have lots to do to make sure everything is ready for me to go.

Since I can’t sit and watch the world go by this weekend I’ve been doing it today at work.( Sorry, boss!) Listening to people talk always makes me think- Do I do that? As human beings, most of the time, we are so busy not taking responsibility for the things in our lives that are wrong, but boy do we have time to point out to everyone else what’s wrong with theirs! We don’t want anyone to look at our lives so we keep saying, look over here, look over there, look at what they are doing, yadda, yadda, yadda, look anywhere but at me because I don’t want you to see that I’m not perfect.

I know I do this, dammit, I will try to stop. I always point out to everyone how crappy I think their man is, well, have you met mine? Yeah, not winning any boyfriend of the year awards. Of course I always justify it, I love my sister/ friend so much, and they deserve so much better, why can’t they see that so and so is not good enough for them? On and on and on it goes, because, really, I do know what’s best for everyone except myself, apparently!

Take a look at yourself, do you do this? I bet you do and are not even aware of it. I don’t think we do it to be mean, I think it’s a weird form of self preservation. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me!

Some examples I’ve seen of this, just today, without even looking-

One of the ladies I work with has to be the saddest person I’ve ever met. She is the first person popping her head up when there is gossip, she loves to repeat it, and embellish it while she’s doing it. She tells us all these stories about what a butt munch her husband is, I mean, the man sleeps with prostitutes, ALL THE TIME! But she is always saying how bad someone else’s marriage is and how very sad it is that so and so puts up with such and such. Hello? Do you have a mirror? Because you should be talking to yourself.

Another lady is always talking about how irresponsible her daughter is, how she charges everything on credit cards, even though she can’t afford it. Then, in the very next breath she talks about the stuff she ordered online or the trip she is going to take, all paid for with her credit card.

Then there is the woman who runs to HR tattling about every little thing any one does, but she sits in the break room and talks about the men she had sex with over the weekend, how much she drank, etc, etc.

And, lest you think it is only the women who do this, there is a man who sits with his scriptures at his desk, doing dirty deals so he can meet his quota, talking about how bad the world is, and how hard he is trying not to let his children be influenced by the immoral people in the world.

Ok, that is today’s rant. I promise to be better, because every time I point at someone else there are three other fingers pointing right back at me, I should pay attention to that.

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