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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's only chicken people!!!

Today's blog is more of a rant. I cannot believe the way some people behave!

I had to run some errands after work today so to entice Mo to go with me I told her we could use the free KFC coupons and get chicken for dinner. Sometimes you just have to bride teenagers, oh and I told her I wouldn't tell anyone she ate at KFC because of the way they treat the chickens, so if you see her, you know nothing!

Anyway, we go in, and the cute little girl behind the counter, looking all of 16 at her very first job, sweetly explains to us that due to the high demand KFC has to offer us a raincheck. She was very apologetic and just an all around polite kid.

No big deal, we were still hungry and I had promised the kid KFC so we ordered dinner and sat down to wait for it. There was a steady stream of people with their coupons clutched in their sweaty hands looking for free chicken, but alas, it was not to be. They were all very polite about it, took their rain checks and got on with their lives.

Until..........................A couple walks in, mid to late forties, coupons at the ready. The little girl behind the counter tries to explain the problem and before she can even get to the part about the raincheck, this man, if you can call him a man, starts yelling at her.

" So KFC is backing out of this coupon." he yells, eyes bulging.
" No sir," the very kind counter girl says, " We are giving you this rain check..."
" I dont' want a raincheck, I have a coupon in my hand that says you will give me free chicken and I want free chicken!" Mr. Obnoxious customer yells.
" I'm sorry sir..."
" I don't care if you are sorry, I want my free chicken!" He rants, as his wife stands calmly by his side.

You get the idea, this went on for at least five minutes, him yelling, telling her he is hungry now and is going to use his coupon, her calming stating the thing her manager told her to say, over and over again.

Finally he tells the rest of the people eating what a rip off this is as he stomps out the door. The kind child behind the counter says, " I apologize sir."

And this idiot actually opens the door and says, like a five year old " Apology not accepted!"

Really? This is how adults act? It was free chicken for hells sake. He and his lovely wife drove up in a very nice SUV with a coupon from the internet, printed, mostly likely from their printer connected to their computer at home, but they really only had this option for dinner?

I understand being inconvenienced when a corporation changes the rules. It happens to all of us, it's annoying, it's irritating, it can give your day a bad start. Very rarely is it life changing.

Do you really need to take it out on the child behind the counter making a lousy six bucks an hour to put up with people like you? How bad is your life if you have to treat people like this? And what about that wife? She stood calmly by his side while he treated this child so poorly, how bad is her life?

Ok, enough, I'm just still amazed at his behaviour.


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