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Monday, April 6, 2009

Create the change you want to be

Why do we put off what we know we need to do, what we should do, what will make us happy? I want to write, I love to write, I never write. My excuses are many, too little time, too much going on with my daughter, my sisters, my relationship, my friends, my mom, too much yard work, housework, too many home improvement projects. And on and on and on.

Why? Am I so afraid of failure that I won't even try? No one has to see what I write, I don't have to send it out into the big world all alone, I can keep it safely locked in my computer, like I have for the past ten years.

I've started three novels, written twenty short stories. What do I do with them? Nothing. I dont' even reread them after I finish writing them. I hit save and move on.

It has been said by someone much wiser than I, find a way to get paid to do what you love and you will never work again. I love to write. I dream of sitting at my computer, with a cup of coffee, listening to the birds sing, watching the flowers grow while I write and write and write.

Instead, I find reasons not to do what I love and fill my days with things I don't love, laundry and vacuuming and sanding walls and grocery shopping. Yes, all of those things have to be done, but so does my writing. I feel like it sits inside of me, waiting for me to bring it out.

So, new goal. I will write for an hour a day, everyday, no excuses. I will start researching and learning everything I can about getting published. I will start submitting my short stories to contests. I will live my dream.

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