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Friday, March 20, 2009

Men and their ways

Aaaah Friday! Since Sunday is my birthday the girls at work took me out to lunch and brought in a huge dessert, I'm about to explode.
Two things are on my mind right now, why do I want the men who don't want me, and why do the men who want me bore me to tears? Something to ponder now that I am someone else. Even as an adult it's still the bad boys I chase. The nice men, the ones who bring me flowers and take me out to dinner are very sweet, but why is it that they seem to have no personality at all? It's difficult to have a conversation with them because they seem to have no life, no hobbies, no friends. How can that be? Everyone has funny little stories they tell about their day, or their kids, or their friends, how can these men have no stories?
Back to work, more on this subject later.


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