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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good morning world!!

It's another beautiful day in snowy, cold Utah- can you tell I'm freaking tired of snow? Today my thoughts turn to the men in my life, or should i say the lack of men in my life. There are three men right now who I guess you can say are "in my life" but not in a good, healthy way. I know that men say women are impossible to understand but men are just as bad. Let's look at this objectively.
Man #1, we've been dating off and on for three years, it's insane. Everytime we break up- because he cannot give the time and energy to the relationship that I need- he will chase my, call ten times a day, text, tell me how much he loves me and can't live without me, all the things I want to hear. So, we get back together, he forgets to call, can only see me once or twice a week and those times he's always late. Cancels plans because the "buddies" are doing something together, etc , etc. Then we break up and it starts all over again. This time I'm being strong, I told him , you only want me when you don't have me, so I'm just going to enjoy the attention until you get tired of chasing me and move on.
Man #2 is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Too nice. I know all the nice guys in the world say women don't want a nice guy, nice guys finish last, yadda yadda yadda. Well, in this case, he is nice without a personality. He is one of those men who wants to make me the sun he revolves around. He has no hobbies. no close friends, no interests except me. Every conversation we have turns into how wonderful I am. Really? I've met me, I'm not that stinking wonderful and even if I was, it gets old in a hurry. I appreciate someone telling me I"m beautiful but when he never uses my name, addresses me as beautiful or gorgeous in every email, phone call and text message- it's a little over the top. Going to dinner with this man is torture. Everyone has little stories they can tell about their day, their friends, coworkers, kids, whatever, not him. He sits and politely listens when I talk and then the rest of the meal is silence or him telling me how much he likes me. I want to vomit!
Man #3 Nice guy, this is still very very new so not really much to say. Not sure it's going anywhere but he's fun to talk to sometimes.
Can you be a nice guy and still have a personality? Where are the strong men? I'm an independent woman but that doesn't mean I want a doormat, I want someone strong enough to stand up to me. I've read every relationship book I can get my hands on and I know nothing about men, women and relationships. I don't understand.
Oh well, back to work!



Blogger ~CJ said...

It sounds like you just haven't met the right guy yet. Granted, no guy is perfect, but you should be able to find one who is independent (not CO-dependent, which #2 sounds like)yet still excites you and takes a valid interest in you. Somebody who gives you space but still misses you when you are not around. Someone you can't stop thinking about and can't wait to see again and vice versa. My wife and I are complete opposites, so that helps sometimes too.

I don't think Prince Charming exists, however.
But don't settle either!

Relationships are complicated, aren't they!? ;)

March 26, 2009 at 7:33 AM  

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