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Thursday, May 14, 2009


What makes you happy? Not deep down in your soul happy, we all say the same thing to that question- my kids, my family, my friends, my dogs. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I guess I mean what makes you laugh out loud like a little kid, possibly forcing milk out of your nose. I read somewhere once ( probably the internet!) that the average five year old laughs like 300 times a day and the average adult 5. Well, this is one area where I am so far above average that I may still qualify as a five year old.

What really makes me laugh? Hearing a song on the radio that tickles my funny bone. We all have one, right now mine is called Chickenfried. WTF? It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Watching someone sing along to the radio at a stop light, especially the people who are really into it and are singing like they are the next American Idol- that makes me laugh, not at them, with them, they are enjoying their life right at that moment no matter what else is going on.

My dogs, make me laugh, watching the little dance they do with each other for yard domination, kills me! First I throw a toy, both dogs run to get it, if Pierre gets it he starts to prance his little ass back to me while Clementine runs interference. Then, he looks at her and drops the toy, knowing how badly she wants it. Clementine picks the toy up and trots over to me and drops it, not close enough that I can throw it, then she looks at me and growls. Meanwhile, Pierre is waiting for his chance, he wants to be dominant dog, so as soon as Clementine lowers her head to pick the toy up again, he is on it! I mean seriously on it, Clementine is trying to get the toy and Pierre is humping the hell out of her head. Now Mo and I have a saying when something is jacked up- Stop humping her head, seriously, no one likes that! So the dogs make me laugh with their domination dance.

My daughter, for all the reasons that she believes make me wish I had some other child living in my house. Mo is clumsy, like tripping over her hair clumsy, even though its only shoulder length- that takes true talent. And she writes I love Mommy in sidewalk chalk on the back patio, priceless.

Katie Cole, if you ever met her I don’t need to say another word but for those of you who don’t know her, she is the funniest person ever and has no idea. We generally scare the crap out of each other in the morning, even though we know we both get up at the same time, basically the middle of the night- 5am- but it still causes both of us to jump the first time we see each other in the morning and then we go into the bathroom to brush our teeth, still giggling cause we scared each other, what a bunch of nerds.

My mother and bear in the big blue house, I’m not going to say anything else, but I’m laughing my ass off right now!

Just a small sampling of the random things that can change my mood. What are yours? What makes you laugh so hard you cry? Who makes you laugh? Do you laugh enough? I think laughing makes you live longer, and if that is true, I’m going to live pretty much forever and your great grandchildren will laugh till milk comes out their noses when they see me riding on my Jazzy in my big purple hat with my underwear on the outside of my pants, eating cake.



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