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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Mexico

This is the longest week. It’s always like that when you’re looking forward to something. Friday we leave to go to New Mexico for my nephew’s graduation. I’m excited to have the time off work, also excited to see Kyle.

It’s going to be a strange trip. My sister and I married, and later divorced, brothers. My nephew lives in New Mexico with my ex brother in law and his new wife. My ex husband and his girlfriend will be there, along with various other ex in laws. This should be fun.

I have a great relationship with my ex husband, and his girlfriend, and his baby’s momma! Kind of funny actually, my darling daughter became a big sister at 15, so now her extended family is way more extended than any of us ever imagined.

But back to the vacation this weekend. My sister Ned, her daughter Kay, Mo and I will drive the twelve hours down and twelve hours back. That part will be fun, girlie road trip, singing along with the radio, frequent bathroom breaks, laughing together, in general being silly.

Then we will get to New Mexico. I’m not sure my ex husbands family is as ok with our divorce as we are, most of them no longer even talk to our daughter. So graduation and whatever comes after should be very uncomfortable, for all involved. It will be the first time my sister and her ex husband’s new wife have been in the same place at the same time. The new wife is a little threatened by my sister so the daggers will be flying.

I plan on laughing till my sides ache. Life is way too short to live in the past. I love my life and my family, the whole extended mess of it. I want my daughter and my nephew to remember this as a happy, loving time when all of their family was together, celebrating Kyle’s achievements. My nephew is one of the greatest kids you will ever meet and I certainly hope that the animosity my ex husbands family feels towards my sister and I doesn’t mar his day or make him uncomfortable in any way.

Unfortunately, people get married, people get divorced. It doesn’t always have to be high drama, there doesn’t have to be a good guy and a bad guy. Marriages are made by imperfect people in an imperfect world, is it really a surprise that we divorce?


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