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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walmart people

I don't feel so bad anymore for making fun of the people line dancing. Have you seen the Walmart blog? I think some of those people line dance with us. If you haven't seen them its Freaking hilarious!

My friend Joyce hates shopping at Walmart because "those people" are there. You know the ones. The entire family shares one set of teeth, her ass is the size of Texas and he weighs one hundred pounds soaking wet but struts around like a peacock saying things like " Woman, stop spendin' all the damn money, I need beer and cigarettes"

And did I mention she is dead sexy?

What are people thinking when they leave the house? Wait, I know what they are thinking, cause I think the same thing when I roll into Walmart in my plaid pajama pants, fuzzy slippers, wife beater and no bra- It's only Walmart, who cares?

Well after seeing these pictures, which anyone can take and post, you can bet your sweet bippy you won't catch me in Walmart looking like this anymore.......

Oh well, at least I did my make up that time.

From now on when I stop at Walmart to use my WIC vouchers to pick up milk for the kids, I'll be ready.

Don't hate me cause you aint' me!



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