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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching up with old friends

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing for catching up with people you haven’t seen in forever? It used to be that if you lost touch with your best friend from high school the only way you were going to see her again was by accident. Or maybe at the high school reunion.

I, for one, never go to my high school reunion. It wasn't fun then, what makes everyone think it will be fun now? I think the only people who go are the jocks and the cheerleaders, just to keep the gossip mill going. No thank you, my life has moved past that, thankfully. I have a whole new slew of friends to gossip about! :)

Now, thanks to the internet, Google, Myspace and Facebook, you can find just about anyone, even if they would prefer that you not find them. But at least they can't see how red your face is when they remind you of that time in the graveyard!

Recently, thanks to Facebook, I have found some people that I knew when I was a child. One of them was my crush in fourth grade. My how time flies. I’ve spent some time, online and on the phone, catching up with them, their kids, my kid, their job, my job, remember when?

It’s fun but one thing makes me crazy. Why do people think that saying “ You haven’t changed a bit, you look just like you did in high school” is a compliment?

So what they are saying is that even when I was young and hot I looked like a middle aged woman. That pisses me off, I need new friends!


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