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Monday, August 10, 2009

The line dancing sisters

Friday night was fun, as you can imagine. We laughed until we cried, well Terrie cried, Angie and I made fun of her.
It wasn't as fun as it usually is because some of our favorites weren't there. Oh, don't worry, Sister Wife was on the prowl, as was Bigg Titties, but Booger and National were sadly missing, as was Ballet Hands.
I forgot to mention Ballet Hands before, well, I didn't forget,I was just saving her for later. She is 45ish and moves her hands and arms like a ballet dancer to every dance. Just imagine Boot Scooting Boogie with ballet arms thrown in. Funniest thing ever. And if she can't move her arms to the song, she points the direction she is going- THROUGH THE ENTIRE SONG!
And then there is Terries, favorite- Twitchy Ass. This man is late 50's, short, in pretty good shape for a short older guy. And he can move his ass in a way that maks pole dancers jealous. And he does this penis popping thing. Enough said about that, you'll just have to use your imagination.
There were some people who aren't regulars so we had to come up with names on the spot. Like Leather Boy, the cutest, gayest, best dancing biker you ever saw, I was gonna change him,convince him to play for the other team, but then I saw his mother. We were actually making fun of her because she looked a little challenged, so I decided I couldnt' change him because then our children would be challenged, and then I remembered, oh wait- I don't havea freaking uterus, we are not having babies, I just wanna bump uglies with him!
And that was our night, Terrie cried, Twitchy popped his penis, we drooled over Leather Boy and watched to see if Big Titties fell over. You should have been there, it was a blast.


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