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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Driving to Idaho

Ok,. I'm used to the windshield being covered with bugs on a road trip, or really anytime you are on the freeway for more than ten minutes. You always know if you are on the freeway for any length of time you are going to have to do some major scrubbing every time you stop for gas. We know this, we are prepared.
Or so we thought! Marty and I are driving along, Donovan is in the backseat watching a movie, Mercedes is in the car in front of us with Rick, Becky and Nariah.
We're listening to the radio, talking about all the things we want to do on this long weekend and basically enjoying the kid free silence.
BAM!!I swear a freaking eagle hit the windshield. I was surprised it didn't break, that's how loudly it hit. As I watched in horror it slid down and jammed itself under the windshield wiper on my side. Ok, maybe it wasn't an eagle but it was easily the size of a freaking hummingbird. I was mildly afraid, waiting for a whole flock of the things to attack the truck for killing their leader.
Did I mention the guts? They sprayed up the entire windshield on my side. I'm freaking out, Marty is laughing like a hyena because I'm trying to climb into the backseat to get away from the guts.
Then I notice, some of the guts are light blue, and the stripped head of this thing is orange. I thought we were going to Idaho but apparently we have stepped into another dimension of weird bugs. I just hope they only eat boys on this planet.

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