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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

But wait.........there's more!

Last night I went to Red Butte to see Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal, aren't you glad you get updates on my social life?
Anyway, one thing keeps happening, dwarfs dance in front of us. Not real dwarfs, I wouldn't make fun of them,( well, I would but not here where everyone could read and judge me) but little tiny women with major butt shaking moves.
My friend Joyce, you know her, she's scared of the Walmart people, well, she's scared of the little people too. I think she was traumatized by the munchkins as a small child.
Every concert we go to there is a little, tiny woman dancing in front of us. This concerts little woman was with a man so tall that when they stood side by side her crotch came to his knee. Which brought Joyce's imagination to the front as she tried to figure out exactly what he did with her, I told her to look away but it consumed her.
These tiny women have more energy than most five year olds and last nights little lady was no exception. She danced and bounced and shook her ass until..............she tumbled backwards into the tiny childs chair her partner had brought for her.
And thats some funny shit, I don't care who you are!



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