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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Internet Dating

Internet dating is the bane of my existence. Ugh. I have decided that meeting Mr. Right is just a numbers game. Like anything else the more you date the better your odds are for meeting the person you can’t live without. Or a stalker, take your pick.

I am on several dating websites again. I hate them, hate everything about them. The pictures lie, the profiles lie, the emails you exchange lie, then you meet, and the lies are worthless.

Why can’t people just tell the truth? Don’t post a picture of you twenty years ago. Do you really think that when you meet someone they are not going to notice that you are twenty pounds heavier and bald? Maybe I like big bald guys, you never know if you don’t put a real picture up there. The same goes with your height, don’t say you are 6ft tall, and then I tower over you in two inch heels, I’m only 5’4”. Trust me, I notice things like this.

Since this is a numbers game, I’ve decided to go out with everyone who asks. This can be a little scary, I may wind up spending two hours of my life with a troll but what the hell. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Besides, in the past, those few I picked as worthy of spending my valuable time with did not turn out all that well. When it comes to choosing good men, I have no clue, so this time I’m not ruling anyone out.

So far, I’ve met two men that I’ve talked to on the phone and had plans to meet in person. The first guy, wasn’t crazy about his profile or his pictures, I’m not a tattoo fan, but I remembered that I was going to go out with everyone. Anyway, a couple sweet emails, a few nice phone conversations and we decide to meet for dinner, at a big mall downtown, so he can take the train, since his truck is a work truck and has lots of expensive tools on it. Ok, I love the train too, I didn’t see a problem.

Until he text me over and over, giving me the spiel about that tools and truck, ok, maybe he doesn’t have a truck, maybe he doesn’t even have a license, but it’s just dinner right?

So we work out the details. When, where, and he is going to text me with the time since his job is not 9-5, I said that was fine. Two hours later I get a text asking why I didn’t answer his last text about when and where. My response- What? So again he tells me about the truck, yadda, yadda, yadda. I tell him we’ve had this conversation before.

His response “ so I’m brain dead, I can’t even argue with that, but for shits and giggles can you tell me what we decided?

Seriously? We are talking a two hour time lapse. RUN!!!!!!!

Maybe I won’t date EVERYONE who asks me. This guy either is dating every woman under the sun and can’t keep us straight or he has a drug problem and can’t keep anything straight. Not my cup of tea..

Tonight I have a golf date. He seems very nice. Physically, not my usual type, but I’m dating everyone, remember. He can carry on a conversation, remember my name, seems to be fairly active and has not exhibited any stalker qualities. This one may be a keeper ladies! At the very least, I will spend two hours golfing and laughing, whether he laughs or not, because I am determined to enjoy these dates, if only to have lots of details to share with my blogging friends!

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