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Monday, June 29, 2009

Beer and the Arts Festival

Saturday Angie, Mo and I rode Trax downtown to volunteer at the Arts Festival. Mo volunteered on Friday, she did face painting in the toddler area and had a blast, she loves little kids.

So Saturday after doing all the weekend chores we headed downtown, just us three girls. I love to watch the people on the train, they usually provide very good entertainment on the way there- like the guy who got on the train with his bike, wearing cowboy boots, flirting with this little blonde, telling her he was some big time sound guy, pretty funny.

Anyway, we get to the festival Mo goes with the soda pop group and Angie and I head for the adult beverage booth, my latest and greatest idea to meet a guy. I've been thinking if I want to meet a man, I have to go where men are, so beer = men, and I talked my sister into tagging along!

We were in a booth with, to start, five other people, which was great, Angie and I got to be on the front line, serving the beer. Two guys who were staffers where taking orders and money and three people where pouring from the taps behind us, lining up beers on the table and we were filling the orders as fast as they came in, we had a rythym going.

Then Brunhilda, or whateve the hell her name was, came to our booth to help. Brunhilda was about 50 and Russian with a long braid that kept falling in the beer. And wouldn't you know it, ole Brunie was not gonna pour, so she was on the front line with me and Angie went back to pour.

That's when the chair came out. Seems Brunhilda's idea of helping was sitting in a chair and wiping up the beer I spilled filling orders. This put her constantly in my way, everytime I turned around she was leaning over from her chair trying to organize the beer on the table I was grabbing beer off of. Ok, she's older, maybe she needs to sit.

I was starving so I ran and quickly got fries for me and Angie while a security guard covered for me. I put them on the table by the beer so Ang and I could both get to them. Well, little Miss Brunhilda must have been very hungry because the bitch was eating my fries!! I didn't notice at first because I was really busy but when things slowed down she said to me in a very nasty Russian accent " Are these fries for everyone, or just you Americans?"

What the hell? I must have looked at her funny because she said " She ( meaning Angie) is eating them, but she said not me."

Angie said " I told you, you should ask her if you can have some, not just eat them"

Brunhilda " Well you are eating them."

Angie, " I'm her sister!"

Brunhilda " You Americans!"

What the hell is up with that? So I just said, whatever, not a big deal , let it go. Well apparently she doesn't know the meaning of let it go and would not shut up about those fries all night!

And sadly since we sold $12,000 worth of beer in four hours, which translates to 600 beers an hour, I didn't even have a second to flirt! So much for new ways to meet men.

Then on the train home, my shy, awkward little Mo, walked down the car we were in and sat across from this boy and started talking to him! She was flirting a mile a minute, I didn't know she had it in her. She gave him her number. I wasn't sure whether to be proud ( You go girl!!) or be disturbed ( My baby is talking to strangers on the train)

A fun time was had by all and I will definately do it again next year, but I'm going to have to find a slower booth to do my flirting in!

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