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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wine party tonight!

Just a short little post, have I shared how much I love wine? Let's just say if it wasn't for the job and the house, I would be a bonafide wino. Wandering the streets with my shopping cart and about a dozen cats following me, drinking from a paper bag.

Jon and Angie belong to this wine club, and I joined. My first offical wine party was tonight. It was fun, lots of people to meet, lots of good wine to sample and lots of yummy food to eat. And, there was actually someone there I met in Marty's hot tub and told about the wine club and she joined. so that was cool. and she brought the most amazing dip thingy that Angie and I could not stop eating.

The best part though? My sister was there. No matter where we are, we can enjoy ourselves and make each other laugh. We were in the kitchen at one point, quoting our favorite movie, laughing our asses off. Luckily, no wine spurted out of either of our noses.

I love you baby sister, even if you did get fired on your day off!

Oh, and when I got home, Mo was locked in the bathroom again. For a kid who's almost sixteen and thinks she's so grown up, she sure is a scaredy cat and still needs her momma. I love that.

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