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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Internet dating and golf

I don’t like internet dating. For the most part it is awkward, weird and not at all fun. People are usually nothing like the tiny little profile they present online, but more about that later.

One of the best dates I ever had was from the internet. Brian contacted me online, we emailed, moved to phone calls, and in general were able to talk and make each other laugh. I still didn’t want to go when we finally arranged a date. I actually backed out the first time, some sorry excuse about my daughter and her first period, which he understood as he has daughters as well. Such an understanding man.

Anyway, the second time we arranged a date I didn’t feel like I could back out, so I made the trek from Sandy to Logan because I don’t like the internet crazy’s to know where I live. We were going golfing, now that made me laugh! Having never hit a golf ball in my life I thought we were both in for a frustrating day, to say the least.

I was pleasantly surprised that Brian looked exactly like the picture he had posted on the dating website, and he was exactly who he seemed to be on the phone. Score! Within minutes I felt like I had known him forever.

He was a lifetime Air Force man, his son gave golf lessons at the Air Force base, so off we went. First we hit some balls from the little green thingy and there was a man in a motorized cart collecting all the golf balls in the field so Brian and Derrick were trying to hit him with a golf ball while I laughed until I almost peed my pants.

Then it was onto the course. I was nervous, especially when they paired us up with two older men who owned actual golf pants. Fortunately they were all very patient with me, even laughing at the weird little baby stepping, butt shaking dance I had to do to get my feet in the right place.

It was the best internet date ever. We were singing and making up rules and skipping and eating hotdogs from a little shack on the course. All in all a good day was had by all…… Too bad he wasn’t really divorced……….another reason I hate internet dating!

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