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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Girls night out

Last night I went to a friends house for appetizers and wine. Just a girl party, her husband was out of town, her son was with his father, so it was just us girls. Only four of us were able to make it, everyone else had kid activities, prior commitments, etc.

We had such a good time. I love meeting new people, sometimes they give you a whole new perspective on yourself. One of the ladies that was there was very interesting. She has traveled all over the world, was in the Peace Corp and is married to a man almost twenty years her junior. She is beautiful, intelligent and funny as hell. She also pulls absolutely no punches, if you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t’ talk to her, she is going to say what she thinks, regardless.

We were talking about men, as we women are prone to do when we are together, two of the four were married, two of us are single. So we started talking about dating and the lack of suitable men, which of course led to all the reasons we are not really throwing ourselves out there and dating like we should be, if we truly want a relationship. As we listed the things about ourselves that we wanted to change so someone would love us, because obviously we feel unlovable as we are, this wonderful new friend started making us take a look at ourselves.

She said “I recently came across a picture of myself when I was much younger, and I thought- I was beautiful. Of course I wasn’t beautiful, none of us are ever perfect enough to feel beautiful, but looking at that young girl, she was absolutely gorgeous and she had no idea. I remember thinking at that age, all the things that weren’t perfect about me. I realized that we are never going to be more beautiful than we are right at this minute, and if we don’t live like we are beautiful and deserving of wonderful things, we are going to wake at 80 and say, why didn’t I see how beautiful I was?

So, that is my new perspective, I am beautiful, and I am not going to wait for someday, my someday is now

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