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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pat Sajak, in the house!

So, we went to Tahoe, the end. Pretty boring, eh? Well not our trip, no sirree bob. There was fun, there were games, and don't forget the excitement!

Anyone who has ever driven ten hours to the land of water and lost dreams knows car trips can be excrutiatingly painful. Not so for us. Why you might ask? Well we brought our very own Pat Sajak.

Jon is a very entertaining fellow, no one really asked him how he felt about traveling with three sisters, we just kinda roped him into it. But he did good, he did better than good- he entertained us the whole trip.

This was very different than the car trips we took together as children. Not once did anyone say, she's touching me, she's looking at me, and no one got shoved into the side of the car either.........ah, the good old days.

We played Name that Tune with Ipods, freaking hilarious. At times we had to sing the song all the way to the chorus before we got it, there was lots of laughing. Jon didn't stand a chance against us. Well, I should say against Terrie, she is the one note queen. Angie and are look like old ladies, squinting really hard, cause that helps us hear better, and Terrie already knows it. Damn her!

And then came Trivial Pursuit. If you haven't played that going 70 miles an hour, you should try it sometime. I found out there are some competitive people in my family, not me, but that other sister in the back..........and her boyfried!

I'm not competitve, I keep my mouth shut until I kick your butt and then I rub it in for the next three hundred miles! Just for the record, I suck at this game, I don't watch TV, paid no attention in school and struggle to form complete sentences, yet somehow, Angie and I beat Terrie and Jon three, count 'em, three times!

Woo hoo! Who knew random things like Adam West as Batman and what color Shrek is, live in my mind? No wonder I can't remember where I live, I'm too busy storing up useless trivia for a long car ride!

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