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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Be afraid, be very afraid

Yesterday I came home from work and I think aliens abducted my child and replaced her with a smiling, happy clone!

Her room was clean- something she has probably only done five times in her life, and those other times, I was standing over her with a whip refusing to let her out until it was clean, this time, she did it without me asking.

Laundry, she actually did some laundry! A load of jeans, granted she didn’t have any clean ones but in the past she would have just worn dirty jeans or pj pants. Then after she got the jeans out she started another load and asked me if I could put it in the dryer since she was staying the night at her friends.

Who is she and what has she done with my daughter? Hmmm, is this the beginning of the whole growing up, maturing thing?

I could get used to this!


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