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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Christmas in July

Is anyone else thinking about Christmas already? I had a confession, I just took the Christmas lights off the house on Saturday and now I’m thinking about Christmas. Last year was our first Christmas in the house and I have to say, it may well be the only year there are lights on the house.

I’m afraid of heights. I’m scared putting up the lights and then I have a hard time talking myself into taking them down. So this year I think just a nice wreath on the door and one of those electric candle thingy’s in each window. Maybe some garland around the garage door, but no more lights on the roof.

I love Christmas, Mo thinks I get carried away, last year we had three trees. They were all very beautiful.

Today I made my list, list of people to buy for, ideas of what to buy, things I would like to make if I just had 24 more hours in every day. And Mo’s list.

This year I will get Christmas cards out. I will bake for two months. I will not get overwhelmed. I will be finished with everyone’s gift, except Mo’s by Thanksgiving. I will enjoy the season. I will do Sub for Santa. I will take Mo and her sister to see Santa. I will make a huge dinner and be surrounded by those I love. I will be grateful.



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