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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Internet date number two

Second date with S. Ok, his name is Steve and his ex wife’s name is Carol, what are the chances?

For our second date we went out to dinner with his nephew and his wife and their baby. Very cute baby, huge blue eyes, and just as happy as he could be. Dinner was great, it was a restaurant I hadn’t been to, the food was really good. I need to go back there and take Mo, she would like it.

After dinner we went back to his nephew’s house and had daiquiri’s. We had fun talking and getting to know each other, it was kind of nice that there was another couple, no need to worry about a dead spot in the conversation.

Sunday morning he brought me flowers. Ugh. I hate when this happens. He is a very nice man but I don’t think we are from the same world, or move in the same circles.

Why do I feel like I have to find something wrong with him? It’s so hard to explain when I tell people, he’s just not right for me, then they ask why they want details. I can’t explain it so it would almost be easier to say he is a horrible person. He’s not, he’s very sweet, attentive, all the things I’m looking for.

BUT, I don’t want the life he can offer. I know that sounds very, very shallow, but it’s the truth. I’ve worked very hard to not struggle every day. It scares me when a man my age is still struggling, financially, like we did when we were younger. I don’t want to go backwards, it’s time to think about the rest of my life, and I don’t want that to include mountains of debt and never being able to travel or take vacations because we are broke.

Now I have to find a kind way to tell him, this is always the hardest part. I hate to hurt anyone and I drive myself crazy thinking about it. It was two dates, not a lifetime, I need to get over it, let him down nicely, and move on.


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