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Friday, July 24, 2009

Good times

It's been a while since I'm written a post, life has been it's normal, crazy, delicious self. I had a third date with internet guy #1, let's just say I cannot date a man who cheats at golf, especially when he doesn't call it cheating.

Mo is home, we went to the Kenny Chesney concert last night. It was 104 degrees and the concert was outside at the stadium. Even though we both wore summer dresses we were reduced to puddles of sweat.

The music was awesome, the people watching was incredible, but the best part? Hanging with my baby. It's not often that my grown up, too cool for me, baby girl, hangs with her momma. Several times I reminded her why she doesn't hang with me, like when I couldn't figure out how to take a pic of us with my phone. You can tell how mentally challenged she thinks I am by the look on her face in the attached picture. She wasn't happy about me dancing either, tried to pretend she didn't know me, but during her favorite songs she stood up and sang and danced right along with me.

I'm more grateful for those moments than you know!

We leave for Tahoe this weekend so no more blogs for about a week but I promise to take notes about everything I see, especially the stuff that makes me laugh and fill you in when I get back.

I may be the thing that makes me laugh, I bought a new, itty, bitty bikini, yikes!~

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