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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Older women inspire me

It’s amazing how your prospective changes as you get older, the things you realize. I remember when I was a child, my mother, grandmother, older aunts, were just there. I didn't think of them as having thoughts, feelings, insecurities like I did. They were old, they were just there. It was almost as if I thought they existed just to be my mother, grandmother, aunt, etc, as if, outside of me, they didn't have a life or interests. They were old, they could not possibly understand anything about me, my friends, my life.

Now that I’m older, I realize these women who I have loved as if they were part of the furniture, may have actually had feelings, wants, desires, and- those things had nothing to do with me! How could that be, I was sure I was the center of the universe when I was younger, how could they have had a single thought that didn’t have to do with me?

Lately two women have been inspirational to me.Reminded me that I can still be something else when I grow up, or grow into the woman I will be. They have reminded me, at a time when I'm feeling like a middle aged adolescent, that I still have more and more and more to give, learn and be.

The first lady, Ivybean, I follow her on twitter, she is 104 and still tweets! She updates us on her life, the staff, TV shows they watch and what the other women think and feel. Did I mention she is 104? I love her, she is very optimist and upbeat,just getting a tweet from her makes me smile. She has seen so much in 104 years and adapted, she twitters for hell’s sake!

My second inspiration I just read about today, she is 107 and worried that her 37 year old husband may leave her for a younger woman. He is her 22nd husband, and just in case he has been eyeing the younger ladies, she has her eye on a 50 yr old that she would like to make husband 23. I say, you go girl!

These women inspire me to take charge of my life, keep learning new things, live large and set my sights on what I want and go for it.

I wonder if that beautiful boy from Kingbilly would like to be husband number 4 for me? I have quite a bit of catching up to do!

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