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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Word of the day- Wonky

Wonky- turned or twisted to one side
not right

Today, at work, during a very, very long, boring conference call ( I had two of them today) I was surfing the web.

Yes, on company time, shoot me. I had my phone muted as I read the news, listening with one ear in case my expertise was needed.

Headline "Man gets three years for sex with horse."

Me- Oh my God Joyce, listen to this, "Man gets three years for sex with horse."

Joyce- What are you looking at over there?

Me- The news, can you believe that?

Joyce- Wait, was it a girl horse or a boy horse?

Me- And it matters, why?

Joyce- Well, I'm trying to picture it.

Me- Stop picturing it, that's just gross. Oh my God, they got it on video tape, he
was convicted of first degree buggery.

Joyce- Buggery? I don't want to know what these people do. Where was that?

Me- North Carolina, where we are going to live on the beach after I publish my book.

Joyce- I'm not going there, see what those people do?

Me- (still reading the news) This was the second time he was caught with the same
horse. He had to register as a sex offender. A sex offender? Really? He's on
the same list with the rapists and pedophiles? Do they list his offense? Sex
a horse. Will he be allowed to live near farms? Why the same horse twice? Was
it the only horse around or was she asking for it, twitching her tail at him
with that come hither look in her eyes?
Joyce- That's it, I'm staying in my house, people are crazy.

Wonky- not just for people anymore.


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